Ode to a Parking Garage

A wheel is a snake
with its tail in its
mouth.  Just so, my
favorite all-time
parking garage is
the one at South St.
and Convention Ave,
adjacent to the
University Museum.
This is where, after
a hiatus of thirteen
years, I went
back and got my
degree via the
U. of P.   It was
such fun
taking anthropology
courses there,
such fun seeing
a totem pole
after working in
a credit office.

And so, I have
a particular
fondness for that
parking garageÖ
the ramps, the
exit signs, even
the concrete booth
where the cashier

Itís all impregnated
with meaning.  Itís
all impregnated
with effort, is what
it is.

Taking notes as
the professor talks
about how mankind
evolved.  I know
how I evolved.

By getting my


Ode to a Parking Garage was published in the 2010 issue of Philadelphia Poets