Saigonnais Cuisine

In Saigon, the most readily recognized name for most Americans would be Tu Do (Liberty) Street; but if one were to delve deeper into the nature of the streets and alleys of the city, all of Viet-Nam's culinary heritage would be unveiled.

Every by-way has its specialty, every region its representative, be it DaKao Street, with its Rice Crepes from the banks of the Red River near Hanoi, or Mekong Shrimp, from the Delta. In Cholon, one would search for the 'Big Fire,' on which the Chinese-influenced Pan-Fried Rice Noodles are rapidly cooked for customers who sit on low, wooden stools. On a small side street one might encounter an Indian-derived Curry Chicken. French pastry on another, or even Nem Nuong (Minced Pork on Skewer), from the central region, in some unnamed alley. Ah! Be sure to stop on Ly Tran Quan Street to see if Cha Ca is available: a true plat de resistance of sliced fish marinated in turmeric and fresh dill.

This national coming together: a mixture of cold and hot, old and new, aromatic and subtle, white-glove service without the white gloves, is brought to you at SAIGONNAIS.

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